We are always being asked what types of projects school children can do for their school reports. Below are some suggestions of possible science projects that would be useful to pig owners. We are more than happy to print results from any project done concerning Pot Belly Pigs. One student just won a competition for her study of saliva of various animals. Our Pot Belly Pigs ended up being the cleanest saliva around. Needed studies are:

1. Difference in calories, vitamins, and minerals in the various brands of Pot Belly Pig Food including the difference in the calories, vitamins and minerals in dog and cat food (to show individuals why to not feed dog or cat food to their pets). This study is also important to show the difference in calories in various types of Pot Belly Pig Food as it can be very fattening and thus people need to understand they do not have to feed a lot of it for their pig to be well nourished.

2. How many meals can you get out of various bags of Pot Belly Pig food? Although the standard sizes tend to be 20 pound, 25 pound, 40 pound, and 50-pound bags of Pot Belly Pig Food, they very in amounts that they recommend you feed your pet. I assume this is because different brands have different amounts of nutritional value and thus may take more or less of it to feed your pet. But we will never really know unless someone does a study on this. This study should include the different prices also.

3. What is required to turn Pot Belly Pig Poop into fertilizer and what kinds of fertilizer benefits does it have? This study everyone would love. 4. What is the difference in saliva from a Pot Belly Pig vs. saliva from other types of animals?

These are only suggestions and any study would be welcome.