Visitation is by appointment only

Call (818) 701-1534 or (760) 885-7826 to set up an appointment to visit.


Our Rescue is located in Lucerne Valley which is only 25 minutes from the top of Big Bear. Come to the desert and visit our pigs and then spend the day in the mountains of Big Bear, which is only 25 minutes from our rescue. Rock hounds will love it. Lucerne Valley is just a little over 2 hours from the San Fernando Valley. Feeding of the animals is permitted and you can bring any type of fruit-and/or vegetables to feed them with. Besides our Pot Belly friends we also have other farm animals to visit with. Our pig friends are a $75 Donation each and are current on their shots, males are neutered, and they come with a book and LOTS of supplemental information.

They all come from very different backgrounds and have very different personalities. They come in all different sizes and colors. There are lots to choose from and someone is available to give you information. Some have already been trained, many are already housebroken, and there are even a few that are not very friendly but would make great watch pigs given the right setting.

Come see our pigs at: Pot Belly Pig Rescue 40705 East End Road Lucerne Valley, CA 92356

DIRECTIONS: From the San Fernando Valley: Take the 14 Freeway North towards Palmdale to Pear Blossom Highway. Take Pear blossom Highway towards Little Rock/Victorville. Keep going until you see 4 points swap meet on your left. That intersection will be Palmdale Blvd. and Highway 138. Turn right. Yu will go through Little Rock and pass a sign saying "Lana" when you I see a flashing yellow light that says "Victorville", go left there, which will be Highway 18. When you come to the freeway take it going south (right) towards Victorville (sign says San Bernardino - Highway 15). You go approx. 2 miles and get off at "Bear Valley Road". Go left onto "Bear Valley Road". It turns into Highway 18 Lucerne Valley so keep right there and keep going. You will come to the small town of Lucerne and you will pass the gas station and a sign saying "Big Bear Cutoff - Highway 18". Do NOT turn there. Keep going straight and the road becomes 247 "Old Woman's Springs Road. Take 247 (old Woman's Springs Road) 10 miles past the Big Bear cutoff. Turn left on Santa Fe (Dirt Road) and go until East End Road. Turn Right on East End Road. Keep going. You will see a Mailbox on the left of the road saying "40705 East End Road" - look to your right and go down that road until you come to our place on the left. Or call the rescue for more detailed directions at: (760) 885-7826 Remember that you must call & make an appointment to visit!!!